The Genghis Khan Ice Marathon is a rare challenge to race one of the most remote locations on Earth. Hosted in the Terelj National Park during the Mongolian winter on a course that navigates frozen rivers, ice-cold trails that are surrounded by stunning mountain views.

Expedition logistics are managed by David Scott (Sandbaggers). David was the founding race director of the British & Scottish Ultra, the Gobi Challenge (a 160 mile desert race which ran from 2003 to 2013) as well as race directing the S2S Ultra and Genghis Khan Ice Marathon. He has led over 50 remote expeditions around the globe including a number of World firsts. Most recently he organised and led the first ever run across the uninhabited Namib desert with athletes Andrew Murray and Donnie Campbell, a spectacular feat involving over 500km’s of running on sand crossing some of the highest sand dunes the World has to offer. In 2014 he was awarded a medal by the Mongolian Tourism Minister, along with the title ‘Leader of Mongolian Tourism’. In 2011 he was appointed Honorary Consul of Mongolia for Scotland. These prestigious titles provide connections with locals making this unique event possible. David currently chairs the UK National Adventure Awards.

Dr Andrew Murray solo 104km run in -40 Outer Mongolia